This past week was really cool. We had a Mission conference and had Patrick Kearon from the Area 70??? I think. any way he came and spoke to us. He was the one that spoke in conference a couple of years ago and told the story of him getting stung by a scorpion when he was a little kid. That has always been one of my favourite talks so I was really excited to hear him talk to us. 

    He talked a lot about our desires. Our desires to be obedient  desires to baptise and our desires to be charitable to all people. I got a lot out of it and have set some really cool goals for my self. So hopefully all we continue to move forward. 

    This is the last week of the transfer and Both me and Elder Christensen are pretty sure that we wont be together for the next transfer  which is a shame. Iv’e really enjoyed being w/ him. We both have learned a lot from one another. 
   I cant believe Kylie comes home this week!! I’m super excited to get to talk to her about her mission and stuff. OH Wow I just realized that I get to talk to you guys in like 20 days or so. Church was kinda a let down this week. We were suppose to have like 7 or 8 investigators at church last Sunday but we only had 2 I believe. I was so excited and them not coming kinda busted that bubble. It was really rubbish. 
   Sorry I havn’t been answering any questions. One of the computer we use stopped working so when ever we email one just sits there and waits while the other is typing. so I try and be quick. Yesterday we went bowling again w/ some of the YSA in the ward. We also sat in for a setting apart of one of the YSA that left for GHANA last friday. but he is going to a different mission than Seku. It is freezing cold here!!! Oh my days and nights!! But it’s cool how whenever we have been knocking or just keeping moving during the cold how we meet the coolest and the most ready people. I finished the book of Mormon again and I’m not sure where to go from there. Maybe D and C or the New Testament I haven’t Decided. 
   We’ll yeah that all for this week. I wont be able to email until next wednesday so talk to you all then
Love Elder Oviatt