Well I survived!  We still have leftovers from thanksgiving in the fridge and will probably be eating it for a while yet.  The whole week was a lot of fun.  Tuesday was lots of finding and knocking in the rain.  We didn’t have a whole lot of success, but we had fun and worked hard. 

Wednesday we tried to follow up on the people we met Tuesday, and then taught the primary 8-9 yr olds about missionary work.  That was a lot of fun.  Its interesting to hear their thoughts on what missionaries do.  Kids are so good at stating things the way they are.  We were practicing ‘knocking’ doors in the primary room.  And one of the little 8 year old girls answered the ‘door’ to two of the 9-10 yr old boys. After they introduced themselves she stated that she was a Jehovah’s Witness, and slammed the door… it was sooo funny!  The boys were a little frustrated but we explained it actually happens more often than you think. haha
Thursday was Turkey Day! The whole morning was careful fasting and mental preperation for that evening… well sort of.  And then around 2pm we started helping the Forsgrens set up for the party.  We had to arrange chairs and stuff for a few hours waiting on things until 5pm when most of the people started showing up with food.  I was blown away by how much there was! I’m pretty sure each person brought enough for 20 and so we barely even ate half of what was there, even though over 70 came!  We had all the american classics and then some.  Susan bought turkey fryers and I ate fried turkey for the first time.  I forgot how much I love mac and cheese, and the sweet potatoes were amazing.   Only about 1/3 of the people were American, and then only about a dozen were members.  So we spent as much time as we could meeting people and socializing.
Friday was eh. Saturday was cool.  We took the YSA out finding again and had fun (even though it was raining AGAIN…)  Its cool contacting with them because they have such a fresh view on the work.  I forget sometimes about how simple sharing the gospel really is and how important it is to talk to EVERYONE without trying to judge who will or won’t listen before speaking to them.
I’m excited for christmas.  Saturday we helped the Forsgrens decorate their tree.  It was a lot of fun and it helps us feel like we’re not missing out on any christmas traditions.  We put up our little 12″ tree in the flat.  And I got a ton of music from the forsgren’s so Christmas is on the way!!! Well got to go. Love you guys
Elder Oviatt