Elder Oviatt Lost in the Group Photo


So Im lookin forward to the up coming week. On Thursday we are going to the forsgren’s ( American family) for thanksgiving. We are all going to some navy hall they rented out because apparently there is like 60-70 people coming. most of them not members of the church. Me and Elder Christensen are thinking about how we can approach people while we are there but not seem over bearing I guess. Im really excited that I still get thanks giving Dinner over here.

Last week was a good week though. Me and Elder Christensen are really trying to find people to teach but all the students are busy and it seems like all the families are worrying about the holidays. its hard to find people that are open enough to let us teach anything. Well I guess that’s England for yeah. I realized today that Im kinda forgetting how people back home acted. Weird! 
  We have the activity tonight at the YSA (Young Single Adults) FHE ( Family Home Evening). Man I didn’t realize how many abbreviations we use. I feel like im in the military. haha Any how we have the activity so we are going to play funny bones. Its a game Aunt Terry had. We played it once or twice and it was really fun. So we made cards for it. Im excited to play it. 
  I used my Rubik cube in a lesson again this week. Elder C really liked it so I have a feeling we are going to be doing a a few more times. The family we taught it to was really into it.  
    I’m going to really focus on my personal study this week so hey I might have something meaningful and insightful next week. Lets cross our fingers haha. well talk to you all soon and hope you have a good Thanksgiving. 
Love Elder Oviatt

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