This week was good. Me and Elder Christensen keep improving and setting goals for our self’s. Im really lookin forward to the next 6 weeks. Our next transfer is Dec 12 so we have till then to see a alot of progress. This week I had been thinking alot and I decided I needed to do better w/ my personal study. So I went and bought a new note book and started to change how I was Learning.
We had exchanges w/ the zone leaders this week and I went w/ Elder Nickleson from Scotland. He has the funniest accent. But while we we’re together I leanred that I need to stop thinking in my head that no that person wont listen, that person wont listen, that person doesn’t believe anything and just talk to them. I really am looking forward to seeing success. I feel like its been a while. We had a lesson w/ a lot of the YSA yesterday which was really fun. We taught them really just what we do and how we can help them share what they believe even if it never comes to us teaching their friends but helping them to be able to teach their friends so that by the time we start teaching they will just be super Golden!!
So right now me and Elder Christensen are our own district. The area we we’re over got shut down so it is just us as the Portsmouth district. It is getting super cold!! Not that cold but the humidity sucks the cold Right out of yea. But besides that im good. I am starting to run out of stuff to put in these emails. Any Ideas??? Ask me questions and I’ll try to answer!! 🙂 love you guys
Elder Oviatt

The Pictures we’re great. My comp didn’t believe me when I said that you guys liked halloween more then christmas.

Sorry the computuers we use are really rubbish and the connection is slow. I’ll try and get some up this week or monday. Also there is a american member that lives here and she takes some pictures and put them on facebook. Her name is Susan Forsgren

Yeah so your guys card got sent back to me so I have to resend it. But i’ll try and put some chocolate in it as well. OH YEAH!!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! I got the chocolate mix this week. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM thank you!!!!!

THe YSA IS really cool. There is about 20 that come every week to FHE and about 10 come to church from our ward.We had a lesson w/ them on sunday and we are going contacting w/ them on wednesday. Two of them are going on missions soon so that’ll help alot.

YOu should look up fear in the Bible dictionanry. SOrry didnt mean to do caps lock. any way its is really good. talks about how there is two types of fear. One which is more of reverence to God and the other which is something that is not worthy of a child of god. How from the fall God has been teaching his children not to have fear but to have faith.

Alot of my personal study lately has been on faith. I was wondering why do we have to have faith in Jesus Christ to be saved? Isn’t just having faith good enough. Even the pormise in Moroni 10 says if ye have faith in Jesus christ. then will the spirit manifest the truth of it unto you. I decided that it is because Jesus is the fonder of this church. Even though we are children of our heanvenly father it is only thgough our brother Jesus Christ that we can be saved. Tha’s why it is his name on our buildings. but that s just me.