Hry guys :),
So this is kinda just a reply to your guys letter. My new companion is Elder Christensen is is from virgina and is a really funny guy. I am enjoying working w/ him. It nice to have both of us motivating each other instead of one having to always motivate the other. The area is really great. We are close to the sea so thats new but I cant hear it at night. Its about a 30 minute walk from our flat. But we have a big uni in our area that has about 22 thousand students. Its really cool. So we have a big YSA group that has family home evening every monday. I cant wait to go back canyoneering. I understand the whole trials things. We see a lot of that everyday. I had to stop reading Jesus the christ when I first came on my mission because I thought it would have been more important to study Preach my gospel. I ‘m now study it again and I love how we know so much about the life of christ. One thing that I now appreciate is the knwledge that I have in the churh. I can sit down and have a talk with a priest or someone that has been studing the new testiment their whole life and because of the books our church has and the understanding that brings I can contribute and participate in the conversation. I find it amazing.  Its is starting to get cold here and I find it funny because I’ll still wear short sleeve shirts and elder Christensen thinks Im crazy. The culture is so different out here. It makes me realize how dedicated people are to there calling in the US.   Do you still ahve your Preach my Gospel?? YOu should read the helping people keep commitments part. There is some really good quotes in there.  Me and Elder C Studied early last week in preach my gospel about sharing testimonies. We read a qoute by Brigham Young About bearing simple tesimony. We htan watfched a movie clip on it. it is one of my favorites. Its called a man without eloquence. You guys should look it up!! :). Mark wants to get baptised buy the end of the year but there is some things in the way. His wife is a member and they have 2 kids.  I’ve actually lost weight. Dont ask me how that happened????

Love you too! Cheers? haha