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This past week has been really good! Me and ELder Christensen get
along really well. He is from Virgina and it is nice to get ou;t of
whatever funk Ive been in. This week was stake conference and Our
mission president came done for it and him and his wife gave a talk.
They we’re both very good. The stake president here is really young.
probably mid to early thirty’s. He gave a very good talk as well kinda
just about being members of the true church of Jesus Christ and how we
can’t take that Litghly.
  We did some really good contacting near a university here and I
enjoy being around so many people our age. I think what I learned most
this past week is that I can listen and study and do whatever but if I
dont apply what Im learning it doesn treally matter that much.
  We are hoping for a baptism in a week or two so I’ll let you guys
know how that goes. I think the members are trying to make me fat
here. One member found out I like carrot cake and than I got two this
past week. It is amazing working near the ocean though. It isn’t a
island but there is a canal and when it feels up it technically is a
island but really it is just a penisula. We can see the Island of
white from our side of the sea and last week I got to ride in a hover
craft to get over there.
So sense we are a lot farther from the mission office here than when I
was in london it takes longer for me to get letters and packages
because we only recieve mail from them maybe once a month at best. Im
also going to guess that I’ll be here a while so Im just going to give
you guys my flat address. It is
70 oriel rd
Portsmouth, Hampshire
P02 9eQ
So yeah that will come straight to me!! and I wont have to wait months
and months for it. 🙂 Thats all so cheers!
Elder Oviatt