So this week was absolutely crazy. I have been transferred to
Portsmouth. It is right next to the beach. I missionary here was sick
so he went home. My new companion is Elder Christensen. He is really
cool. He is from Virgina. He has been out 6 week longer than I have
been. It was a crazy move. We had interview w/ president Millar on
Tuesday. During the interview he asked if I liked my area and how I
thought the work was going. He also asked if I thought I was ready for
a change. I thought he was talking about the end of the transfer. But
than he said that There was a missionary who was sick and needed to go
home and that I would be going down to Portsmouth. That night I got a
call at half past 9 saying that I needed to pack and that I would be
moving the next morning at half past 8. But Im already loving this
ward. Its is amazing. It is a really strong ward. The YSA in the ward
are also really strong and just so motivated. We had dinner with
members every day this week which is sooo nice. But The area is right
on the beach. So yesterday for P-day we went to the isle of wight.
Which was really cool. It is interesting being in a completely new
area in just a few days. To get to the Island we took a hover craft
which was really interesting.

  Yeah but conference was so different. It is really interesting to
watch the prophet and apostles talk and realize that when they say we
pray for the missionaries that means you. Especially Elder Nelson’s on
“Ask the missionaries, They can help you”. That talk was kinda
intimidating sitting on this side. It was still really cool. I love
hearing them talk and how like elder Christensen’s it is meant almost
for the whole world not just for Members of the church. I kinda liked
how there was a couple of talks that were meant for the nonmember
audience. Just ask the missionaries they can help you!! man that was
really funny. Me and elder Christensen are getting along really well
already! He kinda reminds of seku. And me and him are already getting
to that level that me and seku we’re at. I guess that is what happens
when you live w/ some one that you dont know at all. But yeah he is
also really motivated which is a nice change. So Im really looking
forward to working w/ him. But man This area is so brilliant. There is
a military base near by so we have a few Americans in the ward. So far
the Forgren’s are amazing. They are from Virginia also but when we go
over there it is like im back in the US. They get American food from
the military base. They are a really cool family though. We have a
couple of investigators here but I havn’t met them all yet.

  It weird to think that I havn’t even been here a week yet. We have
a university in our area as well so their is a lot of UNI students. Im
also finally!!! hearing British accents!!! yeah!!! Yeah I did hear it
in London but it was more of a London accents. Here it is more like
the accent you hear on the telie. We’ll that is most of my week. Lets
recap, Moved, General Conference, Americans!! yeah that about it. Love
you guys and talk to you next week.
Love Elder Oviatt