This week has been alright. Im fine parents. Im just telling you how I
feel and how I’m doing. If it was as bad as you guys are thinking it
is I would be getting help but I’m just letting you guys know of the
tiny things that are going on w/ me. I can stop telling you the LITTLE
problems Im going through if you guys are going to get worked up about
it. I love you and am grateful for your consern but For the most part
IM great!!! Im lovin my mission and the people. Im still struggling
being in a tri. Not alot but it is just different. Im growing to love
Elder Simplicio. Elder Moulin was sick last monday for P-day and I
think he got me sick as well. I have been sick since thursday. The
cold weather isn’t helping much ether. Thank goodness I bought all
that dayquil before I came here. Im getting better finally. I think.
It was funny because elder T said I had a tempurture so we found a
themometer and I had to convert it from farenhieght to celcius for
both of them.
  I did get kinda frustrated this week. So since elder T is my second
companion he is technically is my follow up trainer. So Our old
district Leader said that for me to lead the area for a few weeks till
he got use to the new area and then he should take over. The problem I
have is that Im still the one having to lead everthing. If I dont wake
up he doesn’t get up. If I don’t say hey lets go he stays in the flat.
I was waiting for him to take over but now we are in our second
transfer and im still leading. Which is fine. I accepted that maybe
thats just who he is and that at least I’m getting practiced at being
the senior companion even if I wasn’t one. But now that we are in a
tri I thought okay. Maybe things would change Espesially since he is
the district leader. But nope. It is the same w/ him. But not as bad.
I’m still the one that says where we are going and when and even being
the one the gets the map and leads us there. Im just confused. I’m a
lot younger in the mission than both of them and yet I’m the one
acting like the senior companion.
  I love both of them but yeah. It would be different if I actually
was the senior companion but I’m not. I love both of them and again
this is just a little concern that I have that I thought you guys
would be interested in. Don’t look to much into it. Im still the happy
always smilling Devin I always was. 🙂 Michael and isabel are both
really good. WE pickup up 2 new investigateors this week but I’ll
probably wait till next week to tell you guys about them. Hope you all
have a great week and thanks for all the support you guys give me. 🙂
Love as always Elder Oviatt