So the rainy season has officaially started. Its dark all the time.
This morning my alarm went off at 6:30 and I thought that one of the
other Elders had switch my alarm to like 3 in the morning because it
was still almost black out side. But nope it is just the torrents of
rain and dark sunblocking clouds. We are going to go play football in
the stake centre to avoid the rain. It is also about 40-60 degree’s
all the time now.
This week has been good though. So tri’s are super awkward. I don’t
like them. It’s weird having some one else in the companionship. The
new Elder is Elder Simplicio. He is from Brazil. He has been on his
mission for about 15 months. He is interesting… I dont quit
understand him yet. Hopefully it will get better. Mchael got confirmed
last sunday. He is so awesome. He is a typical Nigerian but he is soo
excited about the gospel that it just makes my day. I cant wait till
Elder Simplicio gets his new missionary so that we can go back to just
being two missionaries again.
We are stil lteeaching Isabel. I love to see the progression she has
had she more confident and out going and she says that is because she
understands her self better now. What was funny is that on that same
teach our Ward mission leader said that his wife use to be super shy
before she heard of the gospel and I didn’t believe him because she is
one of the most blunt people I know. I thought it was just because she
is Russian but nope apparently she was shy. Who knew?? So Im still a
bit stressed but I found something that helps a lot. So one I do this
breathing technic that they did in Advaced theatre and that helps in a
weird way but it does. And what I found out from Elder Manga is sunday
morning baths!!!! haha I know its kinda wierd but man it feels so good
to just relax. haha Im doing good though. To be honest I never Even
relized that you put that at the end of the emails but it is still
super funny. 🙂 haha Glad you guys are doing well. Miss you guys and
yep that’s about it. Im going to try writing things down that happen
during the week so that when p day comes I actually remember what
happened last week. So my emails will hopefully get longer.
Love Elder Oviatt