I loved your guys email!!! It made me…I dont know the word for it.
Im super happy Topper is back. I miss him alot. I was praying that he
would return soon. It would be really hard to come home without him
there. When Christmas comes you’ll have to put him up to the computer
so I can say hi. Im not sure why Iv’e been so stressed but Im working
on it. I think it’s just becuase the work isn’t going like I want it
to. Tranfers are this week so this is actually going to be a short
letter and I’ll write a longer one on wednesday. If I move probably.
Haha Michaels Baptism was sooo good. So bishop was origanally suppose
to do thje baptism but he ask us if eather of us had done a baptism
yet and since neather of us had done one he had us ask michael if he
wanted one of us to baptise him and he said he wanted me too. So I
baptised Michael yesterday. That was really cool. It rememinded me so
much of my baptism w/ Seku. I’ll try to send my testimony this week!!!
My bad. Have you guys listened to the CES by jeffrey R holand on
LDS.org. It’s really good! I wish I could download it. I was only able
to listen to it in like half hour sessions. But it is still really
haha Good ol bishop. I miss our ward sometimes. Its some much
different out here. Our ward has about 40 full time members and its
really different. The wards out here need more members. Im doing good
don’t worry about me. 🙂 Just a little mission stress I suppose. Im
fine though. Well hopefully I dont move on wednesday but I’ll let you
know on wednesday. okay? GOOD! 🙂 I love you guys. Take care.
With All the love I have,
Elder Oviatt