Sorry this didnt get sent yesterday. It was a bank holiday and the
internet cafe we used was shut down. ehhh I had a good week this week
though. Me and Elder tsutsunashvile are doing a lot of work w/
members. This week we continuied to teach michael. He has been given
all the lessons and is really excited for his baptism on the 16th. We
are going to do it right after church. I’ve still been soooo tired
lately. WHich I dont understand because Im getting atleast twice as
much sleep as I did back home haha. Poor seku. I hope he’s alright. I
cant believe he has almost been out a year. Crazy!! Me and Elder T are
going to see how many book of mormons we can give out this week. We
went to a members house and they we’re watching The best two years. So
While we ate dinner it was on in the back round. Its weird seeing that
movie on your mission. It kinda relates alot!! I got your letter w/
the pictures!! thank you!!! they are awesome. 🙂 you should email
pictures of the dogs!!! 🙂 We played football yesterday w/ a
neighboring zone. That was alot of fun! Their was about 25 of us
playing. I was so exhausted afterwards!! But is was a ton of fun!!
I cant wait for winter. It doesn’t get to hot here normally about 25
or 27 degree’s but the humidity is horrible. I do find it funny how
Some days Im wishing I was in shorts than others I’m going out in my
suit coat and its still a bit chilly. Rubbish weather haha. I member
found out that I really love paisley ties so he gave me a really smart
tie. It is now one of my favorites!! I think I have four or 5 paisley
ties now. Well Thats all for this week so keep calm and carry on. 🙂
With Love Elder Oviatt