So It rained so much this week!!! We and Elder T got completely
socked!! We decided to contact people on the bus because it was
raining so hard. The only bad think is that we got on a bus that
terminates in the middle of a town that had no cover! So we we’re
running down the street while it was pouring down. By the time we got
to cover we we’re both soaked! It was kinda funny. My favorite was
that elder T was standing next to the street waiting for a bus to take
us back home and a car drove past and splashed a giant puddle at him.
I felt bad but he took it really well and we we’re both already wet so
it really didn’t matter. We had a zone training with our mission
president. He is a really cool guy. it was good to see him a lot more
relaxed than the last time we saw him. He talked a lot about
testimonies and how to build our investigators testimonies. He was
saying how first they have to have a desire. If there is no desire
their is no testimony. It was really good. We have started doing a lot
of knocking around members home and than going and talking to them
about it. It is really cool to be able to tell them that you are
teaching someone on their street.
  Elder T is kinda a technology wiz and we had these two big speakers
that he was some how able to hook up to his I pod. Now we have good
sounding music. Before when we would listen to a talk or something off
his Ipod we could barely hear it. Did I say that we had a senior
couple that lives just down the street from us? Well we do! Their
really cool. Their name is the Bradfords.They are really ccol. They
feed us ever so often and she is a really good cook. So Is Elder
Tsutsunashvili! He cooks a lot of the time. We started teaching a
Muslim who lives in Greenwich He’s cool. It’s interesting teach some
one while their is mecca pictures every where.
I’ve been super tired this week Im not sure why???? but yea. Sorry I
don feel Like I have any special rto really share this week. Could be
that Im just Tired and cant think of anything. ha.
Well I miss you guys and hope all is well.
With love Elder Oviatt