WOw I cant believe seku is 20!! Haha what are the photos of??? This
week has been really good though. We had a exchange this week with our
district leader and I learned a lot. He wants us to start working with
the member alot more. So we starting doing that this week. We are
already seeing little affects of what we are doing. So our baptism got
moved to the 16 of sept. But we have the program already and
everything. His name is michael and he is from nigeria. Also because
we meet so many people from nigeria I have been Memorizing how to say
Hi or how are you in the 3 man tribal lanquages there. the three main
tribges are Edo, Uriba and legos I think. But yeah its fun to be able
to talk with people and them to say there are from Nigeria and get to
ask what Tribe they are from. It makes a really good impression when
you can say hello in their laguage. Me and Elder T. are working well
together though. I enjoy being able to learn about his culture and
what Georgia is like. Man, they dont have a Book Of Mormon is georgian
so when he was being taught by the Missionaries he got a testimony of
the Book of Mormon with out even ever reading it in his own language.
But he has a amazing testimony and He brings the spirit so strong when
ever he says it.
Oh the weather has been horrible this week!!! It has been super hot!!!
about 27-30 degrees. Plus just how humid it is!!! I cant wait for
Winter!! Well Thats really all for this week. Sorry still havn’t sent
that letter but I will soon!!! WHere’s Debbie’s Email????? 😦 I miss
you guys and hope everything is going better back home. Tell Topper
Devin misses him. Tell Bernie…… eh I’ll see him in 2 years! haha
With Love
Elder Oviatt