So this week has been really good! after I got all my Card stuff figured out. haha so I got a new companion. He is from Georgia and is still learning English. I find it awesome that I get to serve around him. I am learning so much about Eastern Europe that I guess I never realized. It is really interesting hearing about his country and the culture and people. This week has been interesting though. Since I’m leading the area its a lot more stressful. Just worry about which member to visit where to talk to people and even bus numbers and everything. So we have a investigator Michael from Nigeria. He is really cool. His baptism was suppose to be this Saturday but we will have to post pone it to next week I think…. He still has a lot to learn before he is baptised and I don’t think we can teach him everything in a week. But I gave him a Book of Mormon in his language ARUBA?? I think. He was sooo excited so that was a good feeling. I love being out here and seeing people get excited about the gospel. So I have Georgian language study every morning haha. It is a super complex language. I am impressed at how well Elder Tsutsunashvili is doing with English. He’s only know it for less than 6 months. 

The Olympics are over. Im kinda sad about that but it was soo cool that I got to be here for them. It was such a good experience. Today because we have so many new people in the zone we are going to Tower Bridge again and than going to walk to the London eye. So yea. I think this will be the 6 or 7th time I have seen it. We are still working with Isabel and Marcus but they are moving at the end of the month. 😦 Im really gutted (sad) about that. I’M excited to see the work that me and Elder T can do in this area. Right now we are meeting with a lot of members to try and strengthen them but this week we are going to just talk to as many as possible. Oh yea I gave a talk in church on Sunday. I found out at 9:15 Saturday night!!! Luckily it was on Mathew 5, the beatitudes and those are one of my favorite thing in the new testament. But yep so 12 hours warning and then I gave a 15 minute talk.. haha Life of a missionary. I hope all is well with you guys and I miss you tons.

Love Elder Oviatt
Hi parent! 🙂 

I’m getting along with my new companion great! he’s really awesome! I love working with him. To be honest the money its probably safer in the flat than on me. That lewisham for ya. We don’t have any other elders in the flat right now so its just me and Elder T. I cant believe the Mazda is gone 😦 That’s so sad. Your reading the hunger game books??? FINALLY! haha are you liking them. The 2nd one was my favorite. 
Haha yea i was bitten but it wasn’t that hard it was more of a play bite but it still broke skin. but no big deal there. yea the word flogged is just when a investigator doesn’t show up for a appointment. Quid the England version of bucks instead of dollars and pounds. Gutted is when your really up set or angry. “I’m really gutted right now”. um I cant think of any others but their is a lot. Of  yea don’t use the word fanny in England. It’s a very naughty word. haha. um yea Im good. I’ll write you guys a letter this week with my testimony in it. I love you guys and I love hearing from you. I always keep you guys in my prayer. Tell the ward I say hi. Oh yea so AWKWARD! guess who wrote me???? Ali lamua! I was so confused and kinda idk just yeah. I dont have any words to say to that haha. Love you!!!! 
Elder “Dark Temptation” Oviatt
PS Dark Temptation is a frequence of axe cologne haha! 🙂