Hey I got a new companion. Im still serving in the same area. My new companions name is Tsutsunashvili. Haha He’s from Georgia. The country! (: He is 3 months older than me in the mission and is still learning English. I think Im going to enjoy serving with him. Also so I kinda touched on it on monday but our flat got broken into. It was really weird. I got 30 pounds stolen from me. I need to top up my bus card (oyster card) but dont have enough. I need to top it up on sunday and  the reimbursement from the office wont come through until next week. I tried getting into my america first Bank account but I cant for some reason. Dad, can I get you to figure whats going on with that for me please? I tried login on on-line and everything and I cant for some reason. I’ll try to login again on Saturday. Thanks so much,

Love your son who is perfectly fine 🙂 and misses you all immensely! 
Elder Oviatt