Olympic Torch

Olympic Torch 2

Amazing week! So the Olympics are in full swing and I’m loving it. We are getting to do some really cool things. Last Friday we (5 other missionaries and my self) were able to go down to south bank next to the London eye. We set up a table with posters and everything. 1 person would stay next to the table and talk to the people that came to the table and everyone else was just walking around talking to people. It was really cool. In under 2 hours we got close to a hundred emails. It was so cool just to be talking to people and than to look up and see like big Ben or the London Eye. I talked to people from all over the world. I think some of the coolest people I talked to were from Sri Lanka. It was just so cool to meet sooo many interesting people. The opening ceremony was that same night and we were aloud to watch part of it. 

  We are still working with Nana Tutu. Its hard though because we found out he is also being taught by the Jehovah’s witnesses. But we are making a lot of progress with him though. His 7 year old son is really cool. He reads the Book of Mormon with his dad and sits in on the lessons and everything! We are going to commit them to the 18 of august for baptism. Michael is also doing really good. He’s excited for his baptism. 
  Moves are in 2 weeks. I really don’t want to move. I’m loving this area. I’m guessing that Elder manga will move because he has been here for four moves already. If nether of us move this time though it will mean that I will be here for at least 2 more transfers unless they white wash the area which I don’t see why they would do that. So Hopefully I’ll be in Catford a while. 
  I’m realizing that we really are meant to find those who are elect. We pass thousands if not millions of people everyday. We are meant to find the ones that have been prepared. Being at the Eye really opened my eyes. oh yea but also while we were at the eye we were given the flags to put under our badges just like they do in Temple Square. It’s funny how much I miss a good American accent and hand shake. The hand shakes over her are really gross. haha. 
  Im studying Abraham and moses right now. Its soo cool how those two books bring everything together. Well That’s all for now.
With love Elder Oviatt. À la prochaine! 

London Streets