Man this week has been incredible. So we had our baptism last saturday. Her name is Vivienne. She was a referal from a ward member. She came to some dance that the stake was putting on and she enjoyed the people and the environment that she wanted to see what church was like. So on the following Sunday she just walked up. We started teaching her and she was so ready for the gospel. We taught her the restoration and when we were done we asked if she had any question and her only question was how to become a member. Me and Elder Manga just started laughing a little. We countinued to teach her and my favorite was the plan of salvation. She asked how Jesus showed himself to prophets before he came to this earth so we must have been spirits before we got our bodies. She was confirmed a member and the spirit was really strong during that. 

Elder Manga is the district leader so we went to another baptism this Saturday. Her name was naziina. She is a single mom of 5 kids and is so cool! I was glad that we got to go and see that. All four missionaries sang for it. ehhh! We sang Jeruselum, it is our mission song. We have our first zone conference with the new mission president. After the baptism we talk to alot of her family and friends that came to her baptism. 
At the baptism we all had matching watches and ties. I’ll try and get a picture to yea. So we had a less active come to church. She wanted a blessing. We knew really nothing about her or anything but as Elder Manga started giving her a blessing it was so powerful. as he was blessing her thoughts would pop into my head and as they did he would say them. When we finished she said that we had spoken of things that only she knew. Blessings are amazing, I love giving them now. 
Um lets see what else happened….. ohhh we had a member from America give us beef jerky. Oh my goodness soo good. Elder Manga Had never had it before and he fell in love with it. haha. I might try sending you guys amazing European chocolate but maybe after it cools down. I havn’t seen the sun in like 4 days. It has been raining so much!!!  The olympics are getting so close. all the missionaries are getting more and more excited. Everyone else her just thinks it is going to be a annoyence. We’ll yea that all for now. Hope everyone is okay with the fires and such. They even made it onto the news out here. With love
Elder Oviatt  
Man, Utah just goes to rubbish after I leave! haha. A lady in our ward is kinda keeping me updated on the fires which is nice. I still think about how different mine and Seku’s must be. He is well in Africa and Im in probably the busiest city in the world. Its just wierd to think about. Im glad to know that you guys arn’t roasting in the heat. Like I said in my other letter it has been super raining here. I’m not looking forward to the winters when the sun doesn’t come up till 10 and then goes down again at 4. I didn’t think the sun would change my mood so much. Me and Elder manga are going to try as obedient as we can this week. trying for perfection. haha see how that goes.  

Man our ward members are interesting…. We have two that are famous through the whole mission. Mostly we play a game of keep them away from the members. haha. But all of them are really interesting. I’m really starting to love all those around me. 
I miss you guys soo much. I really do. I cant wait till we are all back together again. Tell the ward I say hi and all that.
Oh yea gregg hansen has been sending me letters. their really nice. Well thats all for now
With love elder Oviatt 

Elder Oviatt and his District

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