DAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Fathers day. That is one of my favourite talks by Pres. Uchtodorf. Tell Mark good luck for me! Why is the Salk lake Temple closing? that’s a really good story I might actually print it off. Can I get kylies email? I must keep spelling it wrong or something…. haha 

This week has been really great though. we had a few Dinner appoinments and one of the members made us the sweet prok from cafe reo. Man I miss that! The mexican food over here is disapointing. We still eat preety good stuff. I havn’t eaten anything I havnt liked. Im really enjoing it out here. This week was fun. We are in a four man flat right now and its just a party haha. Im trying to think if anything awesome happened. There is these resturenants that sell chicken and chips and its super cheap and good. We went street contacting in Greenwich a lot this week and it was fun. Greenwich is this giant park in London. I think its bigger than Time Square. It has the merdian of time/ where time for the whole world starts from. We we’re on exchanges so I was leading with another elder from france who just got out of the MTC. But We approached these two girls and I said ” Hi we’re Missionaries for the Church”. Than they we’re like Hey we’re Missionaries too. At First I thought that they we’re just trying to be funny but as we started talking to them we found out that they we’re with a christian Group that goes all over the world and talkes about christianity, They are all from different denominations but it was really cool just to talk to them. Me and my trainer got into a bible bash with some Jevhova’s witnesses. We we’re on the other side of the street and they yelled over to us and yea…. So that was fun and interesting. We had our last interviews with president shamo…. It was kinda sad. I wish I could have got to know him better. We all think that the next president might be a lot more strict than shamo. The other night before I fell asleep For some reason the song that Debbie use to sing to me and seku popped into my head. I really enjoyed that. It made my day for some reason. I truly miss you guys and pray that all is well.

Well yea that was my week I hope all is well and I miss you like a fat kid misses cake. 
From your beloved son in whom you are well pleased.
Elder oviatt
Spiritually Minded Is life Eternal
Ps. For debbie- Some missionaries did the cinnamon challenge and it was hilarious. Made me thing of that you tube video!