London is soo good! This week was pretty awesome. Expect a letter in probably like 4 or 5 days. Im going to send some pictures after this letter so get excited!!!! haha. Sorry to hear about the dentist and stuff that must be annoying. I cant believe a rat made a nest in side your car! thats really funny. Yesterday we went knocking in the rain and we actaully had a really good time. Everyone was home and we placed a couple of book of mormons and actaully got a couple of come back laters! It was a rich part of town so we were nervous that everyone would be grumpy and stuff. Some one in our zone said that every time you go knocking in the rain your wife gets more attractive. and if it keeps going the way it has this week!!! HAHA Apparently We are suppose to have like a giant storm coming in with tons of wind. Im kinda looking forward to it. Hey i was wondering can you get the syrup recipe from aunt Terry? Maple syrup is like £8 for a tiny bottle! not worth it. We have four peoplee in our flat now and its sooo awesome! Its just fun to come home and have people to talk to that you havn’t been talking to the whole day. Im amazed at how many people are here espesially when we go contacting around Greenwich. its a giant park in London. You should Look it up. It has the meridian of time in the middle of it so now I can say Iv’e been on the eastern Hemishere. So thats kinda cool. Im going on a exchange With a Elder That was in the Mtc with me on Tuesday so Im going to have to lead the area. Im Excited!! Any way I’ll start sending pictures now.
with love,
Elder Oviatt
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Big Ben

Elder Oviatt Plays with Camera