Sounds Like you guys had a rough week. 😦 sorry about that. My week was good. whats funny is that it hasn’t rained since I’ve been in London and actually its been really hot!! Not COOL! I actually dont know in Fahrenheit but in Celsius its been around 28, 29 plus about 80 % humidity! not cool. luckily I did buy some short sleeve shirts. I might buy a suit that I can just wash in a machine. It’ll probably be about £40 but well see. I hear from seku and man that was soooo good! ha. My companion accent is actually more of a Australian,American,British accent its really funny. The accent is nothing like you would expect though around here. The one on tv is like the POSH accent and everything else is…..I dont know how to put it. Im picking up a lot of the words though here. And i actually have to be careful not to say some other words. the lesson on tithing went really well. She still doesn’t have permission but yea. Im so looking forward to the Olympics. so many different people and cultures. I’ll try and get some pictures next week. Sorry for the short letter

with love, Elder Oviatt
Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal