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So week two!! Everything has been really good. Im soooo ready to get out in the field. Lucky I got to come to the best MTC in the world! Right now the food is pretty good. every once in a while we get a just okay dish but for the most part its been good. Its really just a combination of everything at the moment.
I can call you guys at 3 my time which will be 8 am your time. I’m not sure how much time I will have because they have 40 something missionaries all wanting to call home. But Yea I’m having a good time. We are in class most of the day but the teachers we have for our district are really funny. Brother day and Brother Lones got back from their missions less than a 3 years ago so we get really good insight. Same with brother perry. Probably my favorite part has been Manchester. Last Friday we went into Manchester and street contacted for 3 hours. It was really nerve racking because It was the first time that we were meant to go out and our only purpose was to talk to people about the gospel. Its funny how you know people are looking at you but the second you try to make eye contact they look away. It took a while to builed up our confidence and by that i mean probably 2 hours. I ate fish and chips for the first time! It was really good. It was in a food court sort of area but yea it was still good. After lunch was when I felt like we started talking to people a lot more. once or twice we would walk up to some one and they would say they weren’t interested so we would say okay and just have a conversation with them and once we actually ended up getting his contact info because we talked to him for 15 minutes.
All in all its been good. I feel tired all the time but they say thats normal. I have two other room mates besides Elder Q. Elder Lowry from Alabama, he has that nice southern accent. And Elder Larson From California. there both really good guys and we all laugh a lot. Oh so the chocolate out here is AMAZING. They don’t put wax in it so it melts a lot easier but its soooo good. We bought a big bar of it today for only like 75 pence. I’m still trying to get use to a lot of the little changes over here. ex. They’re date they always do Day/month/year. Kinda confusing when your looking at a calender. Also the currency and just how that works. I never realized that I would hear “cheers” so much. they use it for everything.
The mission presidents wife is Gordan B Hinckley’s daughter. We have been able to hear some really cool experiences from her but we also went on a tour on Sunday to church historic sites. We saw where Heber C Kimball’s apartment was and also where he did a lot of the baptising. But my favorite part was we got to go and see where Gordan B Hinckley stayed on his mission and where he received that kinda famous letter from his dad saying “forget your self and go to work”. I cant wait to get to the field! One more week though.
I guess I’ll talk to you Sunday. 🙂
With love,
Elder Oviatt
“Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal”-SMILE

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