Hi Parents,
So so far England in pretty awesome! It’s rained everyday so far but on Tuesday we actualy had like 6 hours of sun so during exercise time me and 5 other elders went on a run to kinda explore. That was when it really hit me that I’m really in England. The environment around here is just awesome. My companion is Elder Quakenbush, best last name in the MTC. He might be beat though by elder PAIRAMAKARAROARIKI but we all just call Him Elder Riki, He said his full name in a meeting and it takes a good 15 seconds for him to say the full thing. He’s from New Zealand. But my companion is a good guy. He is from Tooele. So the watch you gave me I think the batery died in it and I had to go buy a cheap one. I figure once i get out to the mission field I could go to a watch shop and get It fixed. The MTC here is small. There is about 40 elders and sisters here right now. About 22 are going to the London South Mission. I’m still trying to get use to the £ here. It was weird turning in 200 dollars and getting like 110 £ back. We been doing a lot of lessons and teaching. Last night we taught a “Investagater” who had ADHD and it was hard not to laugh through the lesson. It was Brother day being the investagoter and it was just a funny lesson. we ended up just teaching about God Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. Sorry the Emails not that long. Hope fully I can get better at typing so I can write more. With love
Elder Oviatt
I Had a Little more time oh yea the Tithing thing! To be Honest I have been meaning to do a big tithing before i left. So would you mind putting in like 100 for me 🙂 thanks! Yea they told us they would be putting pictures and sending it to you guys. Thereis two other missionaries in my room besides my compaion Elder Lowry and Elder Larsen. I like both of them Alot and I wish they were in my distric but oh well. Not sure what else to say so just going to say that I miss and love you both. I’ll try and send a letter this week.
With hugs and kisses,
Elder Oviatt